How to Fix that Wretched Rattle Sound when your Subwoofer Bumps!

There’s nothing better than cruising around with the windows down and the bass pumping! Also – There’s nothing worse than hearing the car next to you rattling like it’s falling apart each time the bass hits. I know you’ve heard it! Inside your car it’s hard to notice just how bad your music sounds on the outsider your when your nestled in the sweet spot and can feel the bass against your seat. The good thing is there is an easy fix! In this post I’m going to help you fix that wretched rattling sound that emanates from your dope system.

Now to be fair, there are a few things that could be happening, but I’m going to go over one of the most likely issues that arises when adding a subwoofer to your car system. It is the license plate. It’s the least engineering piece on your car, pretty much an afterthought in production. However, that little thing can cause that wretched rattling sound that makes you look like the town doof.


The Fix

The fix is really quite simple but has a really fruitful result.

First take your license plate off. Separate the license plate and the license plate holder. Then place a dab of sticky tack putty between the license plate holder and the license plate around the edge. I recommend doing it in four spots around the edges – top, bottom and two sides. Then carefully put the license plate back into place. Now those pieces won’t rattle, however, there is still the opportunity for the holder to rattle against the car. To fix this, place a piece of double sided mounting tape, the thick kind, around the edges of the holder again, four places to get the best result – top bottom and sides. Once those are placed, you can go ahead and screw your license plate back on. And voila! No more rattle.

If for some reason, there is still rattling coming when your bass hits… then there are bigger issues at hand. You might have a loose piece of the car frame, or something else internally rattling around like electrical or something. This might need a much bigger fix, however is far less likely to be the case.

Well there it is! Go bump your music and feel good about it.  Don’t be “that guy” with the rattling car sounds at the next stop light!



  • Place a few beads of sticky tack putty between your license plate and the license plate holder.
  • Place some mounting tape between your license plate holder and where it meets your car.
  • Bump that music and feel proud about it!
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